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We are all on the same team when it comes to saving a life!

During football season, rivalries can get heated.  It’s heart-warming to know that when it comes to saving a life, those rivalries can be put aside and we are all on the same team.   This is exactly what occurred this past Saturday when a Cincinnati Bengals fan saved the life of a Raider’s fan in distress. Noah Harsh and his grandfather arrived at Ohio’s Paul Brown Stadium to take in the wild card game.  Noah had gifted the tickets to his grandfather for Christmas and they were both planning to enjoy the game when something went wrong.  According to Noah, his grandfather began to stagger and fell to the ground. “I just knew something was off just the way he was falling so I tried to catch him but he just fell,” Harsh told WLWT. Luckily a complete stranger and good Samaritan happened to be in the area.  Jerry Mills, who is an emergency room ER nurse in Dallas, Texas, and a former firefighter, immediately jumped into action. Using his CPR skills, he and another nurse on the scene were able to revive the gentleman until the paramedics arrived. It was fortunate that someone trained in CPR was present and trained in recognizing quickly that this wasn’t a seizure.  He knew from training that Mr. Fernandez (Noah’s grandfather) was experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Proper CPR training will teach you:

  • How to identify a potential sudden cardiac arrest
  • What immediate steps to take to revive the victim

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anybody, regardless of age. Would you know what to do if you were faced with this situation?  Mr. Fernandez and his family are fortunate that there was a trained responder in the area that was able to revive him and save his life.

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