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It is a basic requirement for employers to safeguard their employees against injuries. So, an employer is required to have someone appointed to handle emergency matters including a first aid box. Every employer is also required by law to update employees or provide information on first aid training and more. Consequently, some companies choose to send some of their employees to undergo training in first aid.

Employees that have successfully completed ACLS training for instance are an asset to the organization and their colleagues. It is advisable for companies to send several employees to attend first aid courses as this allows them to deal with emergency and life-threatening situations as soon as they arise. The same applies to small organizations with few employees. First aid should be catered for sufficiently since it could save the life of an employee in case of an accident at the workplace.

Factories are high risk places since they have serious safety and health risks. Consequently, it would be vital to have a properly trained and competent first-aider. Failure to offer first aid measures to an injured employee at a building site for instance can be disastrous. Workers who fall ill or get injured at the workplace should be given immediate medical assistance before the arrival of the emergency unit. Therefore, you should put in the right measures and have some employees trained on how to carry out first aid. A PALS course is particularly essential for people training on first aid procedures.

The more staff members an employer sends for first aid classes, the better the chances of dealing with an emergency situation if it occurs. First aid training can be completed in a matter of days although it mainly depends on the particular course. So, employers are rest assured that employees will only be gone for a few days at a time. Therefore, very few man-hours will be lost.