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How often does one have the opportunity to save a life? How often does this happen to a high school student? One St. Louis teenager can now proudly say that she has saved an infant’s life. 

Abby Snodgrass was in a Walmart dressing room when she heard an 11-month-old infant struggle to breathe. She ran out and quickly began performing CPR on the baby. The child grew still, and a crowd gathered around to watch the commotion.

Snodgrass, believing that her CPR did not work, was terrified. She claimed that it was “a huge relief” when the child began breathing again. According to the infant’s family, she is at home and appears to be completely healthy after the incident.

According to Snodgrass, her high school offered a class in which she just learned CPR months ago. She credits her ability to save the baby’s life to this high school class. As Snodgrass’s Family and Consumer Sciences teacher said, Abby is “an awesome kid.”

This teenage girl’s actions certainly did save the life of this baby who, according to a representative from Emergency Services, may not have survived otherwise. Without valuable CPR lessons under her belt, Snodgrass might have been just another bystander at Walmart that day.