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In a surprising turn of events, a Japanese man was taken into custody by police officers after saving a woman’s life. The woman was a passenger in another man’s vehicle when it was involved in a traffic accident. 

A passerby, who witnessed the accident, came to the woman’s aid as she went into cardiac arrest. He began to perform CPR on her lifeless body but, when the CPR proved to be fruitless, he administered a shock to the woman’s heart with the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) according to Japan Today.

What should have been a heartfelt story about kindness suddenly took an odd turn when the good samaritan was accused of being a pervert. In order to administer the shocks of an AED, electrode pads must be placed on bare skin. In true fashion, the rescuer proceeded to cut open the woman’s shirt, and placed the pads directly on her bare chest. The driver of the vehicle, unaware of the correct way to use an AED, thought that the the man was taking advantage of the unconscious woman.

Although the good samaritan was later recognized for his efforts in saving the woman’s life, he declined a certification of appreciate. He later took to his Twitter account to explain how an AED should be administered, and to defend himself against the “pervert” allegations.