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With Veterans Day having recently gone by, there’s no better time for a story of heroism, not on the battlefield, but on the inside of a military fitness center.

Army Spc. Kayla Richie is a combat medic that saved a life on September 17, 2014 inside Buckner Physical Fitness Center. During the day on Sept. 17, a man who had been exercising on basketball court in the gym suddenly collapsed. Both Army Spc. Kayla Richie and Army Col. Scott Green sprang into action to help the fallen man. They immediately began performing CPR on him, and they eventually used an AED (automated external defibrillator) to revive him. In life-saving attempts, every effort counts.

After some time had passed of Green, Richie, and others helping the man with CPR and the AED, emergency personnel arrived to assist. IVs were administered to the man, and it wasn’t long after that before he was resuscitated.

Richie was awarded soon after with an Army Achievement Medal for her selflessness and brave heroism. When accepting the award, she remained humble and did not retell an account of her rescue. Richie is just one individual of countless others who continually serve and protect the country every single day.