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Our Valuable Team Members

At Rescue One Training for Live, our team is your team. When your organization needs life-saving solutions, you need a group of experts who can advise you on the best solutions to meet your unique requirements.  From life-saving training and certifications to state-of-the-art AEDs and accessories, we are your go-to team. Together, we make sure you’re choosing the best possible solutions for your organization.

Meet the staff at Rescue One:

Rescue One Team

Catherine Gruber

Jeremy Gruber
VP Strategic Sales

Robin Rapsey
Director of Operations & Business Development

Pamela Witczak
Training Center Manager

Dave Collis
AED Consultant/Instructor

Joanne Kundrat
Training Project/Program Manager

Joe Gruber
AED Technician

Elizabeth Orendorff
Product Marketing/Account Manager

Leticia Horta

Eric Proctor
AED Consultant/Instructor

Jesse Witczak
Training Department Manager

Dean Tschudy
Regional Sales Manager

Melissa Noble
AED Program/Office Manager

Lori Lewman
Regional Sales Manager

Dave Fischel
Special Projects Coordinator

Ray Bussey
AED Maintenance Technician/Instructor

Rory Crawford
AED Consultant/Technician

Jennifer Simpson
AED Maintenance Department Administrator

DeAnne Post
Accounting/Training Asst.

Darren Rollins
Sales Program/Account Manager

Carl Murphy
Sales Program Account Manager

Shay Harding
Project Assistant

Henry Welsh
AED Technician

Jessica Lilly
Training Administrative Assistant

Joanne Kundrat
Training Coordinator

DeAnne Post
Customer Service/Administrative Assistant

Emily Dudas
Executive Administrative Assistant

Chuck Fuller

Stephanie Campos
Sales Support Administrator

Yesica Arispe
Administrative Support Specialist

Joe Bonder
AED Technician/Instructor