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What our clients have to say…

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The instructor was incredible with being prepared and efficient with the information. Highly recommend!!

Emma Jordan

The instructors were well prepared for class with all materials necessary. Class was easy to understand, and we had time to practice skills learned.
I will definitely come back for another class, and will recommend to friends.

Sandra Pais

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the AED / CPR training we received last week (5/31). Jeffrey, the instructor,  was excellent, he was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. His training was easy to follow and informative and we all learned a great deal.

Michael F.

Simply to say how much I enjoyed taking the ACLS class yesterday in Seaford with you as the instructor. Differing from the past five refresher classes, you kept it fresh and on task. I appreciate how you reviewed the updates and clarified the items that had been dropped. You used good real-life examples, without dragging out the class time with exaggerated “war stories.”
The skills practical and testing portion was excellent in that you minimized anxiety and emphasized thinking and participation. Your touch of appropriate humor was great.

Thank you.

Kim R

Stephen Knolls School

Thank you so much for working with our confusing set up throughout this whole process. It was such a pleasure working with you and all your staff at Rescue One!! Everyone is very happy with the way all your instructors taught the classes and how knowledgeable they are. We will be contacting you again in two years!! Again, thank you!!

Ena L.

I had a great experience and would like to thank Mr. Lee for making it easy to understand the BLS skills. I will always recommend this class to my friends.


I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the AED / CPR training we received last week (5/31). Jeffrey, the instructor,  was excellent, he was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. His training was easy to follow and informative and we all learned a great deal.

Michael F.

I just wanted to let you know that the training was great! The trainers were excellent – I’ve received really positive feedback from everyone who attended. Thanks so much for all your help.

Kathleen R.

He called to personally commend us on the quality of service we have been providing for them over the past year. He specifically mentioned, Jeff, Jen and Margaret regarding their professionalism and knowledge and he is completely happy with everything we do for them. He said they have used other vendors in the past and there is no comparison with the others – we far outshine them. We conducted CPR/AED and EMR Initial Classes in 2014 and First Aid Classes including the Israeli Trauma Bandage in 2015 – Eighteen classes so far and many more scheduled through September 2015.
They have the option to renew our contract and intend to do so this next fiscal year.

Megan F

City of Rockville

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jennifer, our instructor for both sessions, was amazing. Our students literally raved about her and only want her to teach our Rockville Civic Center Park training sessions from now on. Jennifer was thorough with her explanations, super organized and timely, had a vibrant personality and was great to work with. We look forward to having her back again.

Paige J.

City of Rockville

I want to thank you for sending Jennifer to us as our trainer. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable trainer and my staff learned so much from her. I told her how much we appreciated her training but I wanted you to know as well.

Pam G.

The instructors were excellent. The best CPR class I have ever attended–and I have been to at least ten.

Allen F.

I’ve taken CPR every two to three years since I was 14. Yesterday’s teachers were the best I’ve had. What was especially good about them was the way they explained some of the unexpected things that can happen in a real CPR—AED situation and how to manage them. Their real-life examples were good, and they made sure we knew what we were doing when we had to practice on the dummies. I’ve had teachers who just instructed us in the how-to part of CPR, but didn’t actually check technique—and technique matters if you are going to stand any chance of saving someone. What I liked most was that I walked away feeling that I could actually do the work if needed. That is a good feeling.

Barry M.

Took BLS Provider. It was such a great class and I was able to take it after work 5p!! Clean organized class. Book provided in fee. Instructor had items/equipment and mannequins set up/clean and ready to go. The interactive video as well as instructor teaching went great together. Jennifer and Walter provided great feedback, answered questions, and gave real life examples. I definitely feel comfortable leaving the class… and just to add… SNACKS AND COFFEE WERE PROVIDED 😁 will definitely be on the only place I renew cpr at from now on.

Rasheedah Fair-McDaniel

I want to take a moment this morning before getting lost in the demands for the day to mention how much we at FDA, Employee Safety and Environmental Management Staff appreciate the service provided by Rescue One. The flexibility and ease of communication is remarkable. The staff have been excellent to work with! From Jesse, as the training coordinator, to each of the instructors, Jennifer, Jeff, Margaret and of course on occasion Jesse himself, they each consistently receive positive remarks from the employees. The consistency of having the same group of instructors is key to familiarity with our employee population and the facilities.

Steven L.

Food and Drug Administration

You were all fantastic. The staff loved it. We appreciate your time and efforts!.

Caption D.

Federal Reserve Board

The instructors were awesome, articulate, knowledgeable, funny and engaging. It was the best class taught to us in 24 years. We would like to request these instructors for every training class we have in the future.

DR. Steve

Your assistance has been appreciated. The instructors were excellent.

Laverne J.

Jennifer was awesome! I have been taking these courses on schedule since I started working in PreSchools in 1969….so I have had a lot of instructors….Jennifer, by far, was the BEST!


Thank you for your time to arrange a successful CPR training tonight. Jennifer was absolutely amazing and the entire group appreciated her presentation. It was extremely interactive and thorough. Her knowledge and experience were undeniable. She made the entire group feel very comfortable and her humor left us with an overall memorable night. The staff even asked if she could be our trainer again and that speaks volumes for how well she was received by everyone.!