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ZOLL® Mobilize®

Be ready to rescue with Mobilize!

Contact Rescue One directly to order. CALL 301-740-3390 x21, or send us an email to order

When medical emergencies occur, the faster care can be provided, the better the outcome. Bystanders are often a victim’s best hope for survival – but they don’t always have the training or equipment they need to help. You will be prepared for the unexpected with Mobilize trauma kits. The integrated system of medical supplies and an interactive app empowers untrained bystanders to assess and manage trauma and injuries in the critical moments before EMS arrives.

Diagnostic prompts and real-time, interactive instructions provided through the app enable bystanders to manage a wide range of medical issues including severe bleeding, choking, seizures, traumatic injuries, burns, hypothermia, broken bones, and more.

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Call Rescue One at 301-740-3390 x21, or send us an email to order !